Redesign & ReplatformConsumer Retention
Wellbel and UN/COMMON collaborated to update Wellbel's eCommerce platform, migrate Wellbel's ESP, and refresh their brand voice. Alongside the eCommerce replatform, UN/COMMON overhauled Wellbel's Retention program. The partnership aimed to mix technical innovation with Wellbel's unique brand identity while improving customer experiences and building trust with its loyal customer base. Take a deeper look below to see the scalable improvements throughout the customer lifecycle>
%Increase in Revenue Since Launch
%Increase in AOV
%Increase in Unique Flow Clicks


In a quest for a more reliable and scalable eCommerce platform, Wellbel teamed up with the creative experts at UN/COMMON for an eCommerce platform shift, moving from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus. UN/COMMON took charge focusing on migrating Wellbel’s full tech stack, crafting a smoother internationalization experience, and a refreshed design to reflect the brand creating a KPI-crushing eCommerce site.

Wellbel enlisted UN/COMMON’S Retention Marketing team to lead their ESP migration from GetResponse to Klaviyo, build a robust flow infrastructure, and manage full email + SMS strategy and production. Read more to see how the Retention team worked in tandem with the with the Redesign & Replatform team to elevate Wellbel’s eCommerce and Retention Marketing efforts ->

Core partners

Shopify plus
Built for speed, reliability, and generating demand, Shopify Plus is everywhere your customers are. Offering enterprise ecommerce with the freedom to grow, adapt, and evolve, it powers 5,300+ merchants.
We’re in the top 0.2% of Klaviyo Master Elite Partners—in the world. It’s a stat we’re super proud of so you can expect our service to match.