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american shaman
Consumer Retention
UN/COMMON's Consumer Retention experts revolutionized American Shaman's email design, propelling the company into the modern eCommerce era. Through meticulous A/B testing and a commitment to enhancing key performance indicators, they transformed this traditional CBD brand into a beacon of contemporary excellence. By infusing a high-end design approach into every aspect of the email redesign process, UN/COMMON's strategy offered a sophisticated and comprehensive solution for elevating both personal and professional achievement.
%Increase in conversion rate
%Increase in unique click rate
%Increase in campaign revenue


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, American Shaman faced a crucial challenge: comprehensively mapping the customer journey to uncover hidden opportunities and pain points across their lifecycle. Traditional retention metrics fell short in providing a full picture of customer engagement on their website and through retention channels. To address this, UN/COMMON’s Consumer Retention team employed an innovative approach centered on key performance indicators specifically tailored to track lead acquisition and repeat purchase rates which allowed us to introduce critical touchpoints at various stages of the customer's journey, from initial interest to post-purchase engagement.


After conducting extensive A/B testing and thoughtfully implementing a design refresh, the dedicated team of retention designers at UN/COMMON poured their expertise into elevating the client's campaign designs. Through careful attention to detail and creative resourcefulness, they diligently crafted visually stunning and highly engaging content. By taking proactive steps and strategically refining American Shaman’s content, UN/COMMON achieved significant boosts in both open and click-through rates.
I have been with Un/common for years and the reason I stay is the camaraderie, professional care, and focus I get on my account. I REQUESTED restrictive KPI methods to change attribution models, without skipping a beat, those were implemented and used as our base KPIs to better assesS METRICS. Overall, when I get ready to have my meetings with Uncommon, I'm not looking to just get in and out of another meeting, I'm looking forward to connecting with partners who care about my business.
- Joel Mackey, Director of Digital Marketing, CBD American Shaman

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